Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thanks to JoeSixpack (who posted a comment below on our list of shipwatching sites)for another good shipwatching spot,the Safeway parking lot in Astoria. It's right next to the wonderful Riverwalk too, and has a great view of the anchorage area east of downtown. The anchorage is a dredged out portion of the river north of the shipping channel that's always kept deep enough to anchor ships. You can see the area outlined on the nautical chart for this area. They have paper charts at Englund Marine for about $20.

Will answer your questions about the current. etc. Friday on the Ship Report and then post it on the blog. I think some of it has to do with the fact that the most recent storm coincided with Spring Tides, or higher than normal tides. That has to do with the moon. But there may be more to it here locally. I'll find out.

If anyone else knows of any good shipwatching spots or any other nautical info you'd like to share with the Ship Report, post a comment on the blog or email I'll be happy to share it with our Ship Report community!


Monday, November 06, 2006

Ship Report Listener questions/comments 11/3/06

Cool Ship Watching Spots around the region:

This comes from local listener Geo:

• Bridges: Astoria Megler and New Youngs Bay – access is limited
• Neahkanie Mt parking lot at the roadside viewing area south of Seaside. It’s about 40 miles to the horizon from there. Also good for whale watching with binocs.
• Observation deck, South Jetty, Fort Stevens State Park. Good view of the bar
• Astoria Column on land or from the top of the tower
• Jim Crow Point on the CR – view from the beach to the Astoria Megler Bridge. Accessible only by boat.
• Lewis and Clark Bridge in Longview. You can park at the end of the bridge and walk out on it.
• Kelly Point – confluence of Columbia and Willamette rivers. Auto access, a favorite kayaking spot
• Swan Island in Portland, see ships in drydock. Accessible by boat.
• Cape Disappointment State Park – visitor center or the lighthouse out on the cape.

Some others I’ve heard about, and/or noticed myself

• Tansy Point in Warrenton/Hammond – Ships turn here to make the run to the Astoria Megler Bridge. Car carriers lean in the wind here. Can be interesting to watch the ships negotiate the turn.
• The Riverwalk in downtown Astoria, especially toward the West End of town where the channel seems to be closer to the shore.
• East Mooring Basin breakwater – good place to see anchored ships
• Seamen’s Memorial behind the River Theater in Astoria.
• Jones Beach – west of Clatskanie off highway 30 (turn north at the Korean Restaurant). Sandy beach with close proximity to shipping channel. Great place for a close-up look at ships as they go by.